EduTrax Instructional Management

The EduTrax Instructional Management (EIM) solution is a multi-faceted, web-based application that will assist school districts in developing quality, standards-based curriculum, providing classroom level instructional guides and lesson plans, storing and publishing teaching resources, assessing student knowledge, and analyzing the associated data to steer individual or class instruction as needed.

You can ( click here ) to download an EIM Feature Sheet in Adobe PDF format.

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The EIM solution was developed to assist district leaders, school administrators, and classroom teachers with all phases of the instructional process. As a school district strives to gain greater productivity and efficiency while increasing student achievement, EIM focuses on the five operational areas that offer an efficient and immediate return on investment. These five keys are: Curriculum Management, Instruction, Assessment, Data Analysis and Interpretation, and Communication. These keys serve to highlight and maximize the relationship between the written, taught, and tested curriculum. Written curriculum (developed by the school district and based on state or national standards) will have little or no impact unless it becomes the taught curriculum. If the tested curriculum is not aligned with the written curriculum or taught curriculum, then teachers, students, and parents will have the difficult, if not impossible task of accurately assessing the student’s understanding.

The EIM framework can be customized to meet the specific needs of a school district. It can be internet cloud-based or a locally-hosted solution within the district’s existing network. EduTrax will work with the district technology staff to develop customized data interchanges between the district’s student information database and the EIM database, as well as customized user login authentication and integration for locally hosted implementations.