assessTrax is available to any school district which utilizes benchmark test scores, standardized test scores, surveys, etc., to gauge student performance. eduTrax stores the data, offers analysis options, and produces easily understood reports and graphs suitable for the school district, school, or teacher use.

Because assessTrax is a web-based tool, test results are instantly available to teachers and staff allowing for the immediate development of intervention strategies. assessTrax aims to target the needs of each individual student by pinpointing proficiency levels across a range of subject areas.

With assessTrax, school systems can:

  • Monitor student performance on standards-based benchmark and unit tests.
  • Target instruction to address any needs prior to state and federal assessments.
  • Test as desired (benchmark, unit, or pre/post test).
  • Along with assessTrax, school systems receive adaptable support services at no additional cost.

Click on the assessTrax logo (top) to download a PDF flier with more information about assessTrax.

Click on the image below to download a PDF example of how assessTrax works.

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