Implementation Planning

eduTrax is a one-stop shop offering full-service implementation planning solutions for school systems.

Project Management

eduTrax can handle any size and any type of data management project. By enforcing strict quality controls, eduTrax offers the most accurate and highest level of data integrity. Services include data collection, data storage, data perfection, and data analysis and reporting.  

Form Design and Set-up

Working with custom form vendors, eduTrax manages the needs of school systems by helping to design scan forms and assessments that mirror those encountered within statewide and other high-stakes tests.  

SIS Data Interface

eduTrax creates custom student information system (SIS) data interface programs by working with a school system’s technology staff and/or SIS vendor. It is crucial for data to be accurate and for a school system to be able to extract current SIS data for use in assessment processing and scoring.

Customized and Specialized Report

eduTrax offers a wide variety of reporting options that best meet the needs of the school district, school board, and community, including:

  • Web-based anaylsis tools
  • Customized presentations
  • Data extractions
  • Data room charts and posters