eduTrax offers a variety of printing services to school systems.

Assessment Printing

eduTrax handles the duplication and printing of assessment documents, in addition to printing and shipping the materials to the school district based on the assessment calendar and student information system (SIS) student counts. These forms come already boxed by school, as well as collated and shrink-wrapped by class, so they are ready to be distributed to teachers.

OMR Scan Form Design and Printing

eduTrax can also design and print OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) scan forms. And, as with assessment printing, eduTrax can package the forms by school and shrink-wrapped by class.

Variable Data Pre-slugging

To alleviate invalid test results on scan forms caused by manual bubbling of student and test identification information, eduTrax offers pre-slugging of forms. This entails preprinting the data fields with information from a school system’s SIS, so the forms are filled in completely and correctly prior to test administration to eliminate the possibility of human error and ease the burden of filling out forms by hand.