Scanning and Scoring

eduTrax offers quality and affordable data collection services through state-of-the-art systems and technologies.

Scanner Sales and Installation

For school systems that are interested in performing on-site scanning for immediate feedback, eduTrax is an authorized reseller of Scantron equipment, the industry-leader in optical scanners.

Custom Scanner Interface Programs

eduTrax works with school systems to provide the appropriate software interfaces for capturing and storing result data.

Scoring Services

Because scanning and scoring assessments can be time consuming, as well as costly with having to purchase special scanning hardware and software, eduTrax can handle the processing of scan sheets. After each assessment, forms can be sent to eduTrax. eduTrax will then return the results in any format desired. eduTrax also offers a convenient web-based program for test performance analysis and can provide a variety of customized reports for both item and score analysis. Results are typically available within 5 days of receiving the forms.